Hi there, thank you for your interest in supporting our programs!

The following are the options available for making online donations to our cause. Please note that only when using the first 3 options, we receive 100% of your donation!

Zelle: If you have a personal US bank account, chances are you already have access to Zelle, a free, no fee, bank to bank transaction option. In many cases it is already built right into your banks native app. You can send us funds using the email address [email protected] . You can check if your bank or credit union works with Zelle by clicking the following link.

PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can make a donation using this direct link: paypal.me/chabadperu.

BCP (Banco de Crédito del Perú): If you have a Peruvian bank account, you can send funds to the following BCP account:     Titular: ASOCIACIÓN BEIT JABAD LUBAVITCH DEL PERU    Cuenta corriente Nuevos Soles: 193-2445846-0-13 (Interbancario: 00219300244584601316)    Cuenta corriente Dolares Americanos: 193-2415462-1-15 (Interbancario: 00219300241546211515) 

Credit Card: You can use this button, your donation will be processed by PayPal. You may be asked to create a PayPal account, however it is not a necessity. (PayPal charges 5.4% and $0.30 per donation by Credit Card)